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    Unleash Your Potential

    The 2017 East Bay Women's Conference, presented by the Walnut Creek Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau in conjunction with John Muir Health and Stanford Children's Health, is the only conference of its kind in San Francisco's East Bay that provides women opportunities to come together and participate in programs of personal and professional enrichment and development. Recognized by the community for programming excellence, the EBWC has enjoyed sold out attendance of nearly 600 since its 2006 inaugural event.
    The distinctive conference blends premier keynote and featured speaker presentations, breakout sessions focused on contemporary issues,exhibitor booths,and a fully stocked bookstore and author signings.
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  • Keynote Speaker

    Ashley Judd is an impressive presenter, stunning audiences with information that not only educates, but stirs the spirit. Articulate, passionate, but not without humor, Judd’s experiences regarding the human condition are universal principles, applicable to all, whatever their personal creed.
    One does not have to travel the world as she does in order to make a difference. Judd shares her experiences and the power one voice has to impact the lives of others.
    To hear Ashley Judd speak is to be forever moved and inspired to action.
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  • Featured Speakers

    Amaryllis Fox is a former CIA Clandestine Service Officer, writer, and peace activist, and Debi Hemmeter is the Co-Founder & Advisor of Lean In Director of Partnerships.
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  • Breakout Speakers

    Find out more about our breakout speakers and what makes them experts in their fields.
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  • Breakout Sessions

    Our speakers are experts in their fields who have designed timely and engaging presentations for the EBWC. You have the opportunity to choose two workshops from a rich tapestry of six sessions.
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  • Exhibitors

    Exhibitors at the Conference offer a wide range of products and services meaningful to women. There are just a few exhibitors spots left. To find out more including all the great benefits, download an Exhibitor packet here. To explore the exciting range of exhibitors coming to our 2017 Conference, read on.
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The mission of the East Bay Women's Conference (EBWC) is to provide women an opportunity to come together and participate in a program of personal and professional enrichment, development and networking activities, and provide the tools they need on their journey to their personal best as individuals, team members and leaders in family, community, political and business arenas. This event was established in 2006 and is consistently a sell-out. Reservations are required.