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White Pony Express Rises to Meet Challenges of Delivering Food to Those in Need during the Pandemic:

In 2013, Dr. Carol Weyland Conner established White Pony Express (WPE), whose mission is to help eliminate hunger and poverty by delivering the abundance all around us to those in need – with love. When the pandemic hit, we quickly put together a COVID-19 Rapid Response Plan to meet the challenges of this crisis. Because of the skyrocketing demand for our food, we went from delivering an average of 7,000 lbs./day (pre-COVID-19) to 15,000-37,000 lbs./day to meet the spike in community need!

To handle our expanded services, we are now sharing a warehouse space in Concord with the Food Bank and other non-profit agencies. This has enabled WPE to partner with major food distributers like Vesta Food Service and CDS Distributing, two companies who deliver USDA Farmers to Families Food Boxes to WPE, which, in turn, are distributed to our community members who need this food. To read their story in its entirety, click here. Their videos are a must-see, click here. A pre-Covid event, click here