Breakout Sessions

Take home new skills and ideas to help you SOAR! Our speakers are experts in their fields who have designed timely and engaging presentations for the EBWC. You have the opportunity to choose two workshops from a rich tapestry of six sessions.

Session One 11:30 – 12:30


EveryBODY Sends a Message

Kristie Van Leeuwen, President/Chief Communication Strategist
People Reader, Inc.

Salon 1

Kristie brings a high “edu-tainment” factor to the topic of deciphering and decoding non-verbal communication. Participants will learn how to “read” the body language indicators of clients, prospects, team members, and co-workers in order to maximize connectivity and advance their relationships. Further, you will gain a better understanding of how your non-verbals are positioning you with others. This engaging examination of facial expressions, body positioning, “power-poses,” and deception detection will leave participants more self-aware, empowered, equipped — and likely laughing as they recognize the messages we and others are sending, consciously or not.


ebwc magmillepanel

Magnificent Millenials—Inspiring and Motivating All Generations

Moderator: Erika Calabro, Director of Program Management, Kennerley-Spratling, Inc.
Komal Ahmad, Founder and CEO, Go Copia, PBC
Ali O’Grady, Founder and CEO, Thoughtful Human
Haley Alvarez, Scouting Coordinator, Oakland Athletics [Photo Credit:Cali Godley]

Salons A, B, & C

Think you know what Millennials are all about? Think again! The Baby Boomers and Gen Xers, who demanded and fought for women’s rights, endured workplace inequities, and pounded on the glass ceiling until it shattered have birthed a unique generation of women who are resolved to continue that momentum. Shatter the Millennial stereotype—meet three women who are truly SOARing. They are the daughters, nieces, granddaughters, and friends of the original women who changed history. They were wide-eyed witnesses to boundaries being broken and inspired by those who paved the way for them. They have not only learned that any woman is capable of anything, but they believe it and embrace it, and they are living it. Come learn how they have Stood and Overcome, how they are Ascending and Roaring. Be inspired by their drive to pursue innovative and challenging careers. Be inspired by their passion and moxie. Be inspired to support and encourage this magnificent generation to continue on their ascension, so that they may inspire their daughters to rise on and roar.

Fearless, Not Fearful: Conquering Your Imposter Syndrome
(and even making it work for you!)

Jenny Engard, Cohort Lead
Galvanize Inc.

Pleasanton /Danville Rooms

Do you feel like some of your accomplishments are not deserved? Do you secretly think you’re not really that talented and your colleagues are about to find out? Have you ever thought you didn’t have enough training or knowledge to get a promotion that you were working toward?

If so, you might have Imposter Syndrome! We’re often told to “fake it until you make it,” but this can make us feel like a phony instead of the successful people we know we are capable of being—and this gets in our way of actually acknowledging and overcoming the fears that are getting in the way of our success. Instead of faking it, what if you used authenticity to learn and grow stronger?

At the end of this workshop, participants will
• be able to identify common imposter syndrome pitfalls
• Articulate the impacts of imposter syndrome on career and money
• turn imposter syndrome into actionable goals for success

Session Two 2:45 – 3:45


Lisa Sween

Getting to YES!

Lisa Sween, Principal, Office Managing Partner
Jackson Lewis, PC San Francisco

Salon 1

In business, as in life, you don’t get what you deserve. You get what you negotiate for. Effective negotiation skills are the key to success – in “winning” with adversaries as well as internal stakeholders. These skills can also be “critical” at home when dealing with teenagers, family and neighbors. In this session, Lisa will breakdown negotiation into a systematic and predictable process, giving you the tools to organize your approach with an eye toward success. She also will cover

  • How to cooperate and collaborate, while creating the necessary competitive tension to get where you need to be
  • The differences in how men and women approach negotiation·
  • How different stakeholders evaluate a “win”
  • Effective approaches to achieve agreement



Stand Up! Make Your Voice Heard!

Moderator: Katie Orr, Politics & Government Reporter, KQED
Alison Mata, Operations, Women’s March Oakland
Tania Flores, Program Manager, Women’s Foundation of California, Women’s Policy Institute
Pamela Harris, 2018 City Council Candidate, Former Elected Assembly Delegate, Nonprofit Administrator

Salons A, B, & C

Women are reshaping our country’s leadership scene. From running for office, to marching in the streets, or writing ground-shifting policies, women are taking on leadership roles with renewed vigor. But while many women have the desire to get involved, jumping in can feel a bit overwhelming. In this session we’ll talk with three women who took the plunge into organizing for a cause, into a political run, into policy writing. We’ll find out why and how they went about it. We’ll also hear about the causes that keep them going. Join us for a close-up look at the process of “getting involved” and the many ways you can be a voice for your cause.

Alan Brast Photo1 1

Navigating Life’s Changes with a Great Mind / Body Connection

Dr. Alan Brast, PhD, CCHT, CSA, NLP,
Alan D. Brast, PhD, Inc.

Pleasanton / Danville Rooms

Do you find stress, worry & mind chatter becoming an ever increasing issue? This occurs when we lose our ability to stay in charge of our sub-conscious, and worry, stress & increasingly disturbing “mind chatter” begin taking control of our thoughts. This presentation will teach the audience how to enlist the mind as an ally to health rather than an adversary and how to navigate the changes we all must face as time goes on, with grace, comfort, and a positive outlook on one’s life.