2022 Employment Law Update with Angela Ashley and Audrey Gee


The Walnut Creek Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau will convene two employment law experts to explain how recent state and federal laws, regulations and court cases apply to California employers.

ANGELA ASHLEY,  Founding Attorney, DLHA Law Group, and AUDREY GEE, Founding Partner, Brown, Gee & Wenger, LLP, along with speakers from their firms, will provide Chamber Members with a review of very important updates in California Employment Laws.

Marissa Boyd, Attorney, Brown, Gee & Wenger, LLP 

Lindsay Meyer, Senior Employment Attorney, DLHA Law Group, will be discussing updates to the COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates in the workplace.

Lauren Ocadiz, Attorney, DLHA Law Group, will be discussing California's Silenced No More Act, record retention requirements, the expansion  of CFRA, and California's new wage theft bill.

Kellen Stevens, Senior Transactional Attorney, DLHA Law Group, will review California's ever evolving independent contractor classification law, AB5, and developments in the hotly contested sphere of mandatory arbitration agreements.

Although the pandemic persisted through the entire year, the California Legislature returned to business as usual, with Governor Gavin Newsom enacting several new laws that will affect California employers in 2022.  The courts and regulatory agencies were also equally active, creating rules and rulings that have widespread effect on employers.

Join us to learn about these important updates!

Meeting held via zoom.  Link sent day before webinar.

ANGELA ASHLEY                                                        AUDREY GEE
DLHA LAW GROUP                                                     BROWN, GEE & WENGER, LLP

Date and Time

Wednesday Jan 19, 202212:00 PM – 01:30 PM


Virtual.   Zoom Link sent day before webinar.




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Jan 19 2022


12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

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