About The Chamber

Mission Statement

The Walnut Creek Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Bureau attracts, supports and grows business in the Walnut Creek region through advocacy, and inclusive economic and business development.


As a regional economic force, Walnut Creek is the most inclusive and vibrant city for innovation and entrepreneurship in the Bay Area.

Strategic Plan

Walnut Creek Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau
1280 Civic Dr #100 Walnut Creek, CA 94596
(925) 934-2007 Fax: (925) 934-2404

Core Values

  • Visionary Leadership
  • Community Collaboration
  • Accountability
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Making a Difference


Visionary Leadership demonstrated by:

  • Leading in a knowledgeable and impactful way.


Community Collaboration

  • We are under the fundamental belief that when business succeeds our community thrives.
  • The action of working with business and community to produce or create something special in our region.


Accountability demonstrated by:

  • Walking your talk.
  • Having an Action mentality.
  • Generating solutions and ideas.


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion demonstrated by:

  • Building an inclusive culture and environment where diversity and inclusion is embraced and leveraged as a competitive advantage.
  • Listening and willingness to try new ideas and behaviors.


Making A Difference demonstrated by:

  • Offering support to those who are struggling.
  • Creating a supportive environment.

Unique Value Proposition

The Walnut Creek Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Bureau is the only regional business organization that represents the full spectrum of the economy.

Guiding Principals

1) People First – We commit to creating an inclusive economy that raises a standard of living for all.

2) Diverse Economy – We aim to foster an economy that is diverse, sustainable, and not over-reliant on any one sector.

3) Future Generations – We take the long view, working to ensure that future generations can live, learn, work, and thrive here.

4) Committed Leadership – We treasure our regional diverse leadership committed to embedding diversity, equity and inclusion into our mindset in our systems and decisions.

5) Local & Regional collaboration – We rise above competing interests and embrace collaboration to create greater economic prosperity for all.

2022-2025 Strategic Areas of Focus

  • Increase the visibility and influence of the Chamber.
  • Create an environment where Walnut Creek businesses can thrive.
  • Create partnerships to help attract innovative businesses to the region.
  • Create world class innovation hubs in the region.