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Our Kids Zone consistently brings the family fun and this year is sure to be no different!

We have merry-go-round swings, train rides, rock climbing, facpainting and —new this year— Exciting Bouncy Castles for kids and adults!

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Leaps And Bounds (left) , is a game that features a series of four giant inflatable balls which challengers must leap across to reach the other side. Climb up the ladder on one of the side platforms high above the biggest ball pit you’ve ever seen. Then try to cross the course by leaping from ball to ball like a frog or running across the giant balls to make it to the other side! But don’t worry if you fall off, this floor of the pit protected by our super-soft landing cushion featuring air bag technology. 


Jungle Adventure


Jungle Adventure Bounce (right) offers an exciting adventure for kids 10 and under. There are fun animal creatures to climb on and a slide in the back. It's huge! 30' x 30' so there's lots of room to play.